BeatStars is excited to announce our partnership with community-driven music and tech education platform, The Digilogue. Throughout 2020, we will be joining The Digilogue’s Offline Meet-Ups to broaden both companies’ aim to connect the global music community through 15 events in North America.

Through this partnership, our community will have access to panels full of music industry experts from Def Jam, SoundCloud, Universal Music Group, Sony Music and more. The Digilogue’s Offline Meet-Ups boast an active community of creatives in music, tech, and media for our users to network, learn, and grow with. 

In a rapidly evolving music industry, it’s imperative for creative communities and businesses alike, to stay up to the minute on the latest developments. From discussions on the state of the streaming economy to music industry integrations in the booming media of gaming, we aim to inform and put the tools for success in the hands of our members across North America.

BeatStars prides itself on being a powerful platform for the world’s music creators to connect and collaborate. This partnership will allow us to translate our vibrant digital forum into stimulating face-to-face gatherings across the continent. Our massive Meet-Ups will include an artist/career marketplace for music and tech brands, one-on-one sessions with industry thought leaders, curated panels, and exclusive performances. We’re pleased to be partnering with Digilogue for an exciting year of thoughtful discourse and growth across our userbase and the music industry at large.

“We are very proud and excited to be powering Digilogue this year and plan to use this partnership to drive more value for the music community than ever before. We love the Digilogue’s agnostic approach to connecting the creators with the music industry professionals and think that it is exactly what the people in the industry need.” –Dev Tejwani, Chief Marketing Officer of BeatStars.

“Over the years, we’ve been able to work with great brands that either focused on music or community, neither of the two at the same time until now. We’re super grateful to work with BeatStars because they share a huge priority in fostering community and collaboration!” -Drew de Leon, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at The Digilogue.

In addition to our North American events, BeatStars Meet-Ups around the world are in the works, the dates of which we will announce soon.

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