We are happy to announce that we have added a new marketing integration that allows you to keep in communication with your customers and fans through SMS messaging. Currently, this is only available for US-based sellers and US-based customers.

While social media is an essential tool, we don’t truly own the connection between the people that follow our accounts and us. You’ll be lucky if 10% of your followers see your Facebook or Instagram post. Text messages, however, have a 95%+ open rate! SMS can help us close the gap with our tribe by providing us with a direct line of communication and data.

FanConnect is an SMS marketing service that lets you connect with your customers or fans after they opt-in. FanConnect will allow you to send text blasts, as well as targeted individual messages to people when they text you directly.

How it works

We chose to integrate with FanConnect because of the various features that are tailored directly for music producers and artists. The services allows for texts blasts, contact management, the use of keywords to segment, and auto-responses when you are unable to respond right away.

Collect Phone Numbers

Anyone that texts your number will be stored in the app as a contact. Post your number on social media and tell your customers or fans to text you. Expedite the process by using incentives.

Use Keywords & Auto Responses

Use text keywords to add new fans. Set up an automated response to people.

Send Text Blasts

Text back and forth with one fan or send a text blast to all of them!

Segment Your Contacts

Segment fans with tags. Target your fans with alerts and blasts.



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